Maintenance Agreements

You'll have a support experience ahead of the age with the extensive know how and young staff of LimonHost at service/maintenance operations. You'll focus only on your business without dealing with daily server and end user problems thanks to this service considered suitable for small and medium sized businesses. Our LimonHost maintenance agreements are diversified by your needs. Following are the types of our maintenance agreements, from full time IT staff hiring to time limited support;


  1. Full Maintenance Agreement;
    • Unlimited remote and on-site maintenance agreement. 24/7 support service is provided for critical problems to affect server and general operation. LimonHost provides this service as if it's your own information processing unit.
  2. IT Staff Hire ( Outsource );
    • Full Time;
      • The service of hiring a personnel to work as if he/she is already your full time personnel, saving you from IT staff follow-up and development with the expert IT staff.
    • At Certain Days and Times;
      • Service as provided in the full time support is provided within predefined days and times by the expert staff.
  3. Number Limited Maintenance Agreement;
    • A monthly number of services is set by the need of customer and remote or on-site service is provided within these limits by keeping a service record.
  4. Only Remote Maintenance Agreement;
    • This service is provided in two forms as limited and unlimited. Customer makes all requests by creating service record, LimonHost Engineers resolve the problems as soon as possible with remote connection methods.


Services to Be Received within the Scope of Maintenance Agreement;


  1. Server Management ( Windows and Linux Servers)
  2. Virtualization Management ( Vmware and Hyper-V)
  3. End user operating system support (All Windows Operating Systems)
  4. Anti Virus and Update Checks
  5. Active Device and Network Management Services ( Juniper, HP and Cisco Products)
  6. Network Storage ( EMC, IBM and Dell Storage Products)
  7. Backup ( Veeam Backup & Replication, Microsoft DPM / System Center)