Maintenance Agreements

LimonHost' You will have a support experience that is ahead of the times with its wide technical knowledge and young staff in service / maintenance works. With this service, which is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, you can focus on your own business without dealing with daily server and end user problems. Our LimonHost maintenance agreements are diversified according to your needs. From hiring full-time IT staff to hourly limited support, our maintenance contract types are as follows;

A. Full Maintenance Agreement;

It is an unlimited remote and onsite maintenance agreement. 7 x 24 support service is provided for critical problems that may affect the server and general operation. LimonHost serves you in this service as if it were your own computing unit.

B. IT Personnel Hiring ( Outsource );

Full Time;

Specialized IT It is a personnel rental service that will work as your full-time personnel, freeing you from IT personnel follow-up and development with its personnel.

Days and Times;

As in full-time support, the service is provided by expert personnel on predetermined days and hours.

C. Issue Limited Maintenance Agreement;

A monthly service number is determined according to the customer's needs, and a service record is kept and service is provided remotely or on-site within these limits. .

D. Remote Maintenance Only Agreement;

This service provides data in two ways, limited and unlimited. The customer requests all his requests by creating a service record, LimonHost Engineers solve the problem as soon as possible with remote connection methods.

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