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Looking for a unique business opportunity in terms of cloud computing solutions, data storage and management?
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Cloud solutions provide a unique opportunity for businesses in terms of data storage and management. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most widely used public cloud platform in the world. You can increase your efficiency and security and optimize your costs by realizing your AWS cloud transformation with services specific to your business.
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Don't worry about how the migrations will happen. We can manage your system transitions quickly and safely with our expert staff.

Cost Saving and Optimization

By analyzing your system, we can provide the most cost effective solution for the ideal solution. By regularly checking AWS resources, we can successfully perform your performance-oriented optimization process.


We can support you to easily book your AWS billing from a local business in Turkey, without the hassle of a credit card.


Finding available AWS expertise is a challenge. Together with our AWS certified solution architects, we can design an AWS system according to your business needs.

Architecture and Deployment

Our expert AWS solution architects design the architectural structure for your business needs, build and activate it for you on a turnkey basis.

Management and Operation

Our expert AWS team provides 24/7 ongoing operational support, including the operating system. Monitoring, event management and update service.


Our solution architects always put security first when building your architecture, along with the security and compliance documentation that AWS has.

Business Continuity

One of the greatest opportunities cloud systems provide is business continuity. Our expert team listens to your needs for business continuity and offers you the most suitable AWS solution.
Limonhost's Managed
AWS Services
The LimonHost team provides the support you need to increase your efficiency and security, and reduce your costs by performing your AWS cloud transformation with services specific to your business.
People Who Prefer Us
We were delighted that our team met all their demands with patience and great devotion. The technical support they provided in all processes from the beginning to the end of the project was outstanding. We saw that they had extensive knowledge and experience about the platform, and they solved our every question and problem in a short time beyond our expectations. If you desire hassle-free, competent, adequate support and information, Limonhost is the right address. I thank them for their services.
Murat Küçük
Sales and Marketing Manager
LimonHost, which we have been using hosting services from for many years, has fully supported us in our AWS Cloud migration project. We ensured our business continuity and performance, provided by our expert team to adapt to the advancing technology. With the technological and strategic recommendations aimed at maximizing our current structure, they seamlessly completed our transition to the AWS services that best suit our current structure. We hope to continue our cooperation with Limonhost for years on a new platform.
Erhan Eröztekin
GMY Consulting Manager
We started working with LimonHost at a time when publishing dynamics were changing in the world and in Turkey. By optimizing our existing hosting structure at Amazon, they enabled us to manage traffic attacks, which are difficult to manage with different infrastructures and solutions, by combining Amazon's architecture with their own implementation skills. We believe that they will produce the most suitable solutions for our business model for different needs that may arise in the coming years.
Özgür Oğuz
OTT Project Manager
Make A Difference With LimonHost AWS Services
LimonHost, which was among the top 500 IT companies in 2009, was selected as the Most Solution Producing AWS Business Partner in 2019. With more than 10 years of industry experience, expert staff and 24/7 technical support, LimonHost is with you with AWS solutions.
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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
Frequently asked questions and answers about Amazon Web Services
What are AWS IaaS and PaaS solutions?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a comprehensive and advanced cloud platform serving 69 availability zones in 22 geographic regions.

What Does AWS Do? What Is It Used For?

With AWS you can develop your mobile applications, implement machine learning software, create virtual machines, run your codes without the need for a server, you can store your files with an enhanced cloud system and work on your NOSQL etc. tables thanks to the database support.

Can I Host My Mobile Apps?

With IaaS and PaaS solutions from LimonHost, you can host your cloud-based Web & Mobile applications on AWS.

Do You Provide Support During Migration?

You can benefit from our 24/7 uninterrupted support service with our expert staff.

Which companies use AWS ?

Companies such as, Netflix, Twitch, LinkedIn, Facebook use AWS services.

Should I Switch to AWS?

If you wish, you can have a conversation with LimonHost's expert team on this subject and get more detailed information.

Need help?

We are always here for you with our 24/7 Support!