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How Does The Transfer Process Work?

Get a transfer code from your current company and don't forget to remove the transfer lock
Start the process by entering the domain name and transfer code
Confirm the e-mail sent to the e-mail registered in the contact information of your domain
Your transfer will be completed in a maximum of one week.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is the domain name, how to get it, how can I transfer my domain name and answers to more questions are here.

What is domain transfer?

Domain transfer means moving the domain name from one company to another company. You can transfer your domain name between companies with certain methods. You may not want to keep your domain name in a company that you are not satisfied with its service. You can move your domain name to a different company as a result of the price advantage or the difficulties experienced during the renewal. In many cases, domain name transfer also extends the duration of your domain name. You can also take advantage of renewal by transferring during the renewal period.

What is domain transfer protection?

Domain transfer protection is a protection system that prevents domain transfer between companies. It is used for many extensions and ensures the security of your domain name. To improve the security of your existing domain name, you should activate the domain transfer lock. In this way, your domain name cannot be transferred unless the lock is re-opened. You can benefit from the free transfer lock service for the domains you transfer to LimonHost.

When can I transfer my domain name?

There is a time period in which you can transfer your domain name. The domain name can be transferred at least 60 days after the new registration date. For the first 60 days, it is non-transferable in a location called “RegistrarLock”. After 60 days, it can be transferred to a different company. It is also recommended that there should be more than 20 days before the end date. If the transfer process is unlikely and restarts, the registration period of your domain name may expire.

Is There an Obstacle for Transfer?

Domain status is an important factor for a domain name to be transferred. The domain must be in the "Active" or "Ok" position. In cases where the domain name is pending, locked or in the process of being deleted, the domain name cannot be transferred. Additionally, you should not have any debts to the company where the domain name is registered. Domain manager company, may not approve the transfer of your domain name because of your debt.

Which email address will I receive the confirmation email to?

An administrator approval will be required when transferring domain names. The confirmation e-mail regarding the domain name transfer will be sent to the (Admin Contact) e-mail address where your domain name is registered in the WHOIS information. In order to transfer your domain name, this e-mail address must be active. If the e-mail sent to your e-mail address is not approved, the domain name transfer will not take place.

Can someone other than me initiate the transfer process?

Domain names are products with exclusive use rights for their owners. The person requesting the transfer must be the current owner of the domain. This process is also verified through the ownership of the email address in the WHOIS information.

Is a transfer code required?

Transfer code is required for transfer of common top-level domain extensions such as .com, .net, .info. The transfer code can also be named as EPP Code, AuthCode. Many companies can give the transfer code through the domain management panel. In some cases, you can request your transfer code by creating a support ticket. In internet country domain extensions such as .tr, .uk, .fr, the transfer process is done through a form. Transfers can be made between registrars by filling out the form belonging to the domain name administrator country.

Is the Site Closed During The Domain Transfer?

Domain transfer process takes place between two companies that you have registered the domain name and you want to move. In this process, you will not experience an interruption in the publication of your domain name. Your web page and e-mail addresses will not be interrupted during the transfer waiting and approval process. Some companies may ask for the DNS servers you want to use after the transfer. Here you can choose to use the same servers.

How many days does the domain transfer take?

Domain transfers are a background operation between two registry operators. During this process, you may receive a confirmation e-mail. If you approve this e-mail, the domain name migration is usually completed within 5 to 7 days. If the domain name transfer does not happen for any reason, the registrar will inform about this.

My domain name duration is about to expire, can I still transfer my domain name?

The most vital value of a domain name remains is the duration. Expired domain names can be closed, deleted, their services stopped. For this reason, the domain name must be transferred before it expires. Although there is no rule in this regard, considering the transfer period, it is recommended that the domain name has at least 20 days to its deadline.

When I transfer my domain name, will the remaining days be burned?

When domain names are being transferred , they go to the transferred company together with their remaining time. There will be no change in the remaining days of your domain name. Your remaining days will continue in the new company from the day after the transfer.

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