Linux-Windows Server Cloud Backup Service

The most useful backup solutions for your Linux and Windows servers are at LimonHost! With the cloud backup service that offers superior performance with Acronis and AWS S3, you can easily back up, manage and access your servers from anywhere!

Your Linux and Windows Servers Are Safe with LimonHost

Companies today need servers to maintain their digital services and operations. Server services offered by Windows and other leading brands for multiple users enable companies to continue working with multiple devices on a single server. However, for uninterrupted service, these servers must be regularly backed up and protected against cyber threats. Thanks to LimonHost, you can meet your Linux and Windows server backup needs professionally.

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  • 200 Gb AWS Bulut Yedekleme Alanı

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  • 500 Gb AWS Bulut Yedekleme Alanı

Back Up Your Linux or Windows Servers Easily

LimonHost, which uses the world's leading infrastructures for Microsoft and Linux server backup services, offers companies the opportunity to effectively back up and manage important server data. Thanks to LimonHost, you can easily back up Linux and Windows servers, which allow you to continue your services uninterrupted.

Manage With Ease Thanks To Simple Interface

Acronis interface, which can be easily used by authorized users, provides simple management of the entire backup service. Users can back up and manage Linux and Windows servers via the panel and restore servers whenever needed. Effective cloud backup solutions offered by LimonHost offer users flexibility in backup and security. The simple interface and uninterrupted access provide a great advantage for increasing service continuity and efficiency, especially for large-scale companies.

What can you back up?

Uninterrupted and Secure Backup

LimonHost cloud backup service, powered by AWS S3, uses the most preferred professional platforms worldwide. With LimonHost cloud backup solutions, server data is stored in Amazon's AWS S3 environment. Amazon Web Services S3 provides users with an uninterrupted 99.99% backup and access performance. In this way, service interruptions are minimized and servers continue to work efficiently.

LimonHost Experience Merges with AWS and Acronis

LimonHost is working with leading IT brands for the most efficient experience and LimonHost prefers Amazon Web Services for hosting purposes. With Acronis Cyber ​​Protect, it provides a comprehensive service experience by offering backup and recovery solutions to its partners. Thanks to LimonHost, which offers quality service with the most advanced solutions, you can back up your Linux and Microsoft server data in the most ideal cloud environment and access it easily whenever you want.

Discover the Ultimate Benefits

Use the power of AWS for a robust and reliable backup solution. Thanks to the strong and reliable infrastructure of AWS, you use one of the most powerful cloud infrastructures for your Acronis Backup service. Thanks to the management panel specially developed for Acronis Backup, you can return to the backup you created at any time. We are with you when you need help. LimonHost team provides the support you need to increase your efficiency and security and reduce your costs by realizing your AWS cloud transformation with services specific to your business.

Uninterrupted Access Advantage

Access all your Linux and Windows backups at any time without interruption.

Uninterrupted Access Advantage

Access all your Linux and Windows backups at any time without interruption.

High Security Performance

All your data stored in LimonHost cloud backup services is effectively protected against cyber attacks and leaks.

Access from Anywhere

You can access and easily manage your backups from mobile and desktop platforms.

Professional Technical Support

Professional LimonHost technical team is always with you for all your support needs you may encounter in your backup service!

Securely Continue Your Services

Continue your digital services securely with short downtime and uninterrupted backup.

Advantageous Backup Costs

You can take advantage of saving hardware and personnel costs by choosing LimonHost for backup services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I backup my Linux and Windows server data?

You can quickly and easily back up your Linux and Windows server data via Acronis interface with AWS S3 assurance.

Is LimonHost cloud backup services safe?

Working with leading brands for professional needs, LimonHost always provides a high-performance and secure cloud backup service against cyber attacks.

Can I access my backups anytime?

You can easily access all your data from anywhere and anytime via mobile and desktop platforms.

What can I do when I need help with cloud backup services?

You can get assistance from LimonHost's expert technical team for all your questions and support needs.

Need help?

We are always here for you with our 24/7 Support!