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What is Whois?

Whois are the records which indicates who owns a registered domain name. If it is not privately hidden, you can check the Whois information to determine who the domain name belongs to.

Some information is required when registering a domain name. According to ICANN regulations, Whois databases store contact information for all registered domain names. These are contact information such as Name, address, phone number and e-mail address. It also includes information about the availability of the Whois domain name, registration / expiration dates. There is a contact information editing panel for you to edit Whois information in domain registrars.

How To Make A Whois Domain Search?

For the Whois Domain Search, you can query the domain name of which Whois information is desired by searching from our Whois service. As a result of this search, you can see the information about the domain name held at the domain registrar. For this; it will be enough to write the domain you want to know the information of in the box using our Whois Query Tool above and pressing the "Query Whois" button.

What is Whois Privacy?

Whois Privacy is preventing domain name registration information from being seen by third parties. It is a domain service that blocks it. You may not want your personal contact information to be accessed by anyone searching the Whois database. For this reason, you can purchase Whois Protection from LimonHost when purchasing your domain name or later. With Whois protection, when the Whois information of the relevant domain name is queried, the personal information of the person who registered the domain will not be viewed by other persons.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
What is Whois Query? Here are the answers to many questions such as; What is it? How to do it?
How does Whois Querying work?

As a result of the search made over the IP addresses of the relevant domain, the data of the relevant Registar company is examined and the name of the person that domain name is registered will be detected.

How can I use the Whois Query Tool?

You can easily use the query tool by typing the domain name you want to check in the search bar on the LimonHost Whois page

What Information Is Displayed in the Whois Query?

If the domain name does not have Whois protection, information such as the phone number, address and mail of the person who registered the domain can be viewed by anyone in the Whois query.

What is a hidden Whois Record/Information?

Confidential Whois record/information means that the Whois information of the relevant domain is hidden / stored by the registrant. Information hidden in this way will not be viewed by third parties when querying Whois.

How to hide the Whois Information of a Domain?

If you want to hide the Whois information of your domain, you can buy it from LimonHost panel or get support from the chat section. .

What is Whois Database?

Whois database is a general database where domain information is registered.

How can I edit my Whois information?

To edit Whois information, log into the Limonhost panel and click on the Edit my contact information for the relevant domain button from the "My Domains" tab.

Does it cost to hide Domain Whois information? Is it free ?

To hide Whois information you need to purchase Whois protection, but for domains you buy from LimonHost, the first year Whois protection is provided for free.

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