Domain Agreement


This domain name service agreement, which includes the use and principles of domain name, is accepted between LİMON BİLGİ TEKNOLOJİLERİ ANONİM ŞİRKETİ (hereinafter referred to as “LIMONHOST”) located at Cihannüma Mah. Hüsnü Savman Sok. No40 Da9 Beşiktaş / İstanbul and the natural or legal person who has opened an account (hereinafter referred to as “Customer”), 3rd parties receiving service as a customer by purchasing products and services over the internet address

Customer acknowledges that it is obligatory and prerequisite for the valid establishment of this Agreement, that all identity information, including the TR Identity Number declared during the establishment phase of this Agreement, is reported truthfully. If it is determined later that the identity information of the Customer is incorrect or incomplete, the said error or defect will be corrected by the customer within 2 days upon the notification made by LİMONHOST. Otherwise, LİMONHOST has the right to terminate this contract with just cause, immediately without the need for a separate warning or notice. Due to the terminations made by LİMONHOST for this reason, the Customer accepts, declares that it may not receive compensation, payment, refund, compensation, etc., under any name and account and undertakes that it cannot make any demands, due to the suspension of the service provided by LİMONHOST or the termination of the contract.

Due to the incomplete or erroneous information provided, the Customer agrees and undertakes to indemnify LİMONHOST for all kinds of damages, including the damages that may be incurred by third parties resulting from the inaccuracies or omissions in the said information.


The Domain Name Agreement sets out the conditions and contains the principles, procedures and rules regarding the use of the domain name allocation and registration service provided or to be provided by the Customer through LİMONHOST. Following the signing/acceptance or approval of this contract in the electronic environment, the Customer accepts, declares that he has read and understood the contract by participating in the signing/acceptance or approval of this contract, that he irrevocably accepts the terms of the contract, that he abides by all the terms and conditions included in the contract provisions. commits. In case the customer violates these provisions, LİMONHOST may confiscate customer accounts and pause customer services for an unlimited or temporary period. All disputes that may arise between the parties due to products and services will be evaluated and resolved within the framework of the provisions of this contract.

This agreement, international sales and marketing activities, accounting and the website of LİMON BİLGİ TEKNOLOJİLERİ A.Ş. By purchasing LİMONHOST products and services on (this “Site”), the following terms and conditions are agreed between the relevant form on the Site and the natural or legal person whose information is obtained (hereinafter referred to as the Customer and/or “You”).

The acceptance of this agreement by the Customer in electronic form means that this agreement and the corporate policies and/or agreements on the web address, which is attached to this agreement as a reference, are accepted by the Customer. It will mean that it is understood that it has been read and that the provisions of this agreement are binding for the Customer

Selection, Availability and Use of Domain Name

Election: In case the domain name chosen by the customer damages any trademark or intellectual product, creates unfair competition and other situations determined by the laws, the company will remain impartial and will not impose any sanctions that may arise. Even if it has to apply, the company cannot be held responsible in any way. All responsibility belongs to the customer. Because; your customern domain name is required to do all kinds of research to ensure that it does not harm any right.

Availability: LİMONHOST declares that any domain name is available for registration, renewal or transfer at any time and is the principal registration authority of does not warrant that it may have a superior right of access to its records than other registrars. After selecting the domain name, the customer will check whether this domain name is available for registration or whether it has been previously acquired by someone else.

Usage: Within the customer's knowledge, the direct or most direct use of the domain name registration will be subject to the legal rights of any third party. states and accepts that it will not harm their rights, that the domain name is not registered and used for an unlawful purpose. LİMONHOST reserves the right to stop or cancel the domain name if it is determined that the domain name is used for an illegal purpose or does not comply with any other usage specifications.

.TR Domain Extension: In registration orders, if the domain requires a document, the customer It is obliged to send the documents required for domain registration as requested by the company (by mail, e-mail, fax or notary public). If the customer does not send the requested document(s) as requested or the documents sent are incomplete, invalid, insufficient for domain registration, all responsibility belongs to the customer and the fee paid for the order is not refunded.

No guarantee: The area selected by the customer It is known and accepted by the Customer that the registration or reservation of the names does not provide a definite protection against objection to the registration, reservation or use of the domain name. The service is not considered complete until the domain name requested by the customer is registered. For unregistered, document-requiring, reserved, premium (premium) domains, LIMONHOST can return and cancel the order.

Domain renewal periods;

Domain registrations are made for a period of 1-10 years, according to the CUSTOMER's preference. If the CUSTOMER wishes, he can extend the time between 1-10 years. The time extension takes place when the CUSTOMER creates an order and pays the current fee through the LİMONHOST customer panel. LIMONHOST is not obliged to make or follow the domain renewal process. LIMONHOST sends warning e-mails via e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the CUSTOMER during registration. However, if these e-mails are not noticed or received by the CUSTOMER, LIMONHOST has no liability. The CUSTOMER is obliged to follow the domain expiry date.

This contract enters into force on the date of signature. In accordance with ICANN rules, the Customer cannot transfer this service purchased from LİMONHOST to another service provider for 60 days from the date the domain name is first registered on behalf of the Customer and/or the renewal date of the service related to the domain name. LIMONHOST may make changes to this agreement from time to time in line with both laws and international domain rules. The CUSTOMER is deemed to have accepted these changes and updates. If the contract is terminated unilaterally by the CUSTOMER within the contract period and during the relevant contract year, no refund will be made to the Customer. The Customer knows and accepts this situation.


Customer and LİMONHOST, both during the application and allocation in terms of the domain name allocated to the Customer. They accept that the only person authorized to make savings during and after it is the Customer. However, in terms of Legal Entities, it is accepted by the parties that the authorized person is only and only the person(s) authorized to represent and bind the company. In addition to the transactions carried out on behalf of the customer, by the customer or authorized persons, LİMONHOST Customer Representative, employees, call center personnel, remote support teams, in short, LİMONHOST employees or LİMONHOST employees who have domain name or e-mail passwords, user information, other personal data. Allocation through LİMONHOST and through the transactions made by a person who can prove or strongly demonstrate that he is the Customer or the legal representative of the customer, or by a person who can convince the third parties that he has directly or indirectly agreed to provide customer service, or that the Customer is a first-degree blood or affinity. accepts that any person using your account or domain name or passwords you have established in terms of registered domain names is bound by the actions to be taken, whether for the benefit of the Customer or not. In the event that the Customer's passwords are seized against the Customer's consent, the Customer is responsible for all material and moral damages that may occur, including the damages incurred by third parties resulting from the use of these passwords.

PRICING The fee to be paid for the products and services specified in this contract is the amount specified during the ordering process. It is calculated by including VAT in the specified fees later, and the collection is realized by showing it to the customer. For sales transactions that are not realized in Turkish Lira, the fee is paid by converting into Turkish Lira at the effective selling rate of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey on the invoice date.

4.2. LİMONHOST reserves the right to make future changes on prices and tariffs without prior notice. The customer accepts, declares and undertakes in advance the changes that may occur regarding these changes.

4.3. The customer is obliged to pay the service fee to LİMONHOST at the term notified by LİMONHOST or in cash, by money order / EFT or by credit card.

4.4. When the customer pays the service fee by credit card; Unless there is a technical problem, LİMONHOST will complete the registration process for the domain name within two working days and will allocate the domain name to the use of the customer. When the Customer makes a payment by money order or EFT, the Customer accepts, declares and undertakes that he knows that the registration process for the domain name will be completed and the domain name will be allocated for use within two business days, upon confirmation of the payment being transferred to LİMONHOST's account.

4.5. In credit card payments, the Customer agrees in advance that upon signing this contract, the monthly service invoices and interim payment fees to be accrued for all services requested and purchased through the website of LİMONHOST will be collected from the credit card specified.

4.6. The customer accepts, declares and undertakes in advance, without the need for a separate notice and warning, to collect the price increase depending on the exchange rate of the services sold in foreign currency and the amount in Turkish Lira equivalent of this price, which is the effective selling rate of the foreign currency determined by the CBRT on the day of payment. it does.

4.7. The customer should immediately update the credit card information and any changes in the validity period on the customer panel or notify LİMONHOST in writing. Any legal, criminal and financial responsibility that may arise in the event that the credit card cannot be collected or the information on the credit card is untrue, fake, inaccurate or inaccurate, that the regular payment order with this credit card, at the earliest, until the first accrued invoice is paid. He agrees and undertakes that he will not cancel it, and that he will IMMEDIATELY notify LİMONHOST of the cancellation status if the relevant credit card or payment order is cancelled.

4.8. If LİMONHOST reveals that the credit card information provided by the customer is false, fake, untrue or incorrect, by the complaint of 3rd parties or through the prosecutor's office and the court, the Customer shall also give a warning for any possible damage suffered by LİMONHOST. and is obliged to indemnify at the first request without the need for notice. Again for the same reasons, it has been accepted, declared and undertaken by the Customer in advance that LİMONHOST will recourse to the Customer in the event that LİMONHOST has a compensation obligation to third parties. In this case, a different payment method will be determined together by the parties. If the customer does not notify the cancellation, LİMONHOST reserves the right to take legal action as it will receive a service fee along with the right to suspend, suspend and/or terminate this contract immediately.

4.9. Upon completion of the payment to be made by the Customer following the placing of the order, an invoice will be issued by LİMONHOST and the service will be activated. For payments made by Bank Transfer/EFT method, the order code must be specified in the payment description. All costs of payments belong to the Customer.

4.10 In case of delay in payment, LİMONHOST reserves the right to issue an invoice for exchange rate or interest.

4.11. LİMONHOST, in addition to the right to close or stop the relevant service until the customer completes the payment transaction, also reserves the right to terminate this agreement unilaterally, immediately, without compensation and without notice, without the need for any warning or notice and without any additional obligations.

4.12. LİMONHOST always reserves the right to charge a reasonable service fee for other duties outside the scope of its regular services and for additional service or goods requests. These include, but are not limited to, customer service problems that cannot be resolved via e-mail and require personal service, disputes that require special service, or legal consultancy, etc. that LİMONHOST has to take for the Customer. are services. These collections will be invoiced as appropriately as possible to the Customer's payment method registered in LİMONHOST.

4.13. New potential to be implemented by LİMONHOST Campaigns for domain name service for customers do not cover the current Customer, unless otherwise stated on the website or forums. If the Customer wishes to benefit from the domain name campaigns, the order/application to be made for this purpose will not be approved, and if any payment is made by the Customer regarding the campaign, this payment will be deemed to have been made for the existing products and services or will be refunded, as the case may be.

4.14. If the customer is in default due to his own fault and negligence and does not make the payment within the period specified in the notification despite the written notification by LİMONHOST, the calculation will be made based on the advance interest rates of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey from the date of due date of the unpaid receivable until the date it is actually paid, and will be reflected in the service fee.

4.15. If the customer does not make payment in the specified time for the services he receives, he will be in default and will be deemed to be in default. In this case, LİMONHOST may issue an invoice for the foreign exchange difference or, if it wishes, may request a monthly delay interest of 15% from the invoice date. The customer declares and agrees to pay this delay interest and foreign exchange difference invoice. However, if the default interest rate to be applied in commercial transactions of the Law No. 3095 on Legal Interest and Default Interest is higher than the interest rate accepted with this article, the Parties agree that the default interest rate to be applied in commercial transactions will be applied as the default interest rate. they do.

4.16. The customer declares, accepts and agrees to pay monthly 15% default interest, 50% of the remaining debt amount, legal fees and all other legal expenses in case LİMONHOST makes a lawsuit or enforcement proceeding for all kinds of receivables arising from this contract. commits.

4.17. If the customer applies to the legal authorities for Injunction and Precautionary Measures for the collection of his receivables arising from this contract, it is stated that LİMONHOST is authorized to take an unsecured Precautionary Attachment and Injunctive Injunction; declares, accepts and undertakes that it will be paid and that it will not object to these issues.

4.18. LİMONHOST can hold the domain name registration applications made via bank transfer up to 48 hours after the domain name registration fee reaches the bank accounts of LİMONHOST. During this time, the domain name subject to the CUSTOMER's application is not registered or reserved.


5.1. When a domain name is allocated to the customer by LİMONHOST or registered on behalf of the customer, the Customer may choose one of two ways for the extension of the said domain name. The customer can first extend the term of the domain name he has purchased by placing an automatic payment order. As a second way for the customer, it may be preferable to automatically extend the domain name from the Customer panel. For other cases, LİMONHOST domain name cannot make any commitment to the customer in terms of time extension.

5.2. Payments to be made by the Customer for the extension of the service period must be completed before the end of the service period, and LİMONHOST has no obligation to remind or notify regarding the relevant payments. The customer may not give any warning, warning, notice, etc. regarding the end date of LİMONHOST's service period. It accepts, declares and undertakes in advance that there is no obligation to notify in a way that the end dates of the service periods should be followed by the Customer.

5.3. If the customer makes the payment via credit card, he is obliged to keep the credit card payment information required for non-payment in LİMONHOST systems up to date. If, for any reason, LİMONHOST cannot receive the payment from the payment information recorded in the Customer's information, or if the Customer does not approve LİMONHOST to receive payment, or if the Customer does not respond to the notifications made by LİMONHOST, the time extension for the Customer's domain name registration will not take place. In this case, the Customer definitively accepts and undertakes that he cannot claim any financial or legal rights from LİMONHOST.

5.4. If the Customer does not pay LİMONHOST for the extension within the time given for the Extension Deadline, the Customer is given a 30-day payment period to reclaim the domain name by paying a redemption fee to LİMONHOST. If payment is not made within this period, the domain name will be put on hold and marked for deletion. The redemption fee is between $119 and $714 depending on the domain extension. If the Client does not pay for the domain name before the expiry of the 30-day payment period, LİMONHOST may, at its sole discretion, delete the Client's domain name or delete the Client's account. can be transferred to another person. The customer declares that he is aware of the fact that the domain name will be released by LİMONHOST if he does not make the payment, and that it is possible for the real or legal person to register it first, and accepts this whole process. The customer accepts and undertakes that he will not claim any rights from LİMONHOST in case of deletion or transfer. The customer, with the claim of damage that he declares to have occurred for this reason, does not receive any payment, improvement, return, compensation, etc. from LİMONHOST under any name and account. accepts, declares and undertakes in advance that it cannot make a claim.

5.5. LİMONHOST has absolute power of disposal regarding the time extensions and the time allowed for payments. LİMONHOST has the authority to make changes for each domain name and reserves this right

5.6. In order to eliminate the possibility of domain name registration or domain name renewal transactions due to technical problems that may be experienced, the Customer should manually check whether the domain name registration or renewal has taken place on the transaction date. The customer will immediately perform this check and, in case it detects that the domain registration or renewal process has not been completed, it will immediately notify LİMONHOST in writing. Otherwise, LİMONHOST will not be responsible for any damages that may arise.


6.1. The Customer agrees to notify LİMONHOST within two (2) days when it receives any information as part of the product and service procurement practice and/or registration process changes. It is the Customer's responsibility to maintain this information in an up-to-date and accurate condition. Failure of the Customer to provide precise and accurate information to LİMONHOST at the beginning and during the continuation of the service, for whatever reason, means a fundamental violation of this contract. If any question directed to the customer from any LİMONHOST representative in order to determine the validity of the information provided by the customer is not answered within two (2) days for any reason, it means a fundamental breach of this Agreement.

6.2. The Customer agrees to provide LİMONHOST with a postal address, e-mail address and telephone number information for each domain name registered on it, in order to be able to contact him.

6.3. The customer knows that this contact information to be shared with the registrar is necessary for domain name registration and irrevocably accepts this obligation imposed on him. This information that ICANN requires must be made public through Whois and the registrar may need to keep this information publicly available through Whois. Both LİMONHOST and the registrar can archive this information with a trusted third party. In this way, the Customer gives approval and consent to all these needs and notifications.

6.4. The Customer agrees that for each domain name registered on it, the following information will be publicly available in the designated Whois directory in accordance with the ICANN Policy, and may be used for commercial purposes, included in a catalog, sold as a whole, as determined in the ICANN agreement.

Domain Name

Customer name and email address

Email address

Internet for Primary and Secondary Name Servers Protocol Numbers

Name Servers responder names

Original registration and expiry date

6.5. The customer agrees that the publicly available information provided during the domain name registration process may be used by LİMONHOST to the extent permitted by ICANN. At the same time, the customer grants LİMONHOST the right to disclose the following information, provided at the time of application for a domain name, to third parties, in an interactive and public manner, through its own database, in order to comply with both current and future rules and policies regarding domain name systems.

Customer registered domain or subdomain(s)

Your organization's name, type and postal address

Name(s), position(s), postal address(es), e - mailing address(es), voice phone number(s) and fax number(s), if any.

For domain or sub-domain All hostnames and internet protocol addresses of at least two (2) nameserver hosts (one primary and at least one secondary) can be specified as nameservers.

Responder names of these nameservers

Original creation date of the Record and Expiry Date of the Recording

6.6. LİMONHOST may need to make this and similar information available to third parties in whole or in part. However, LİMONHOST may transfer or assign this information to a third party for business purposes.

6.7. If the Customer hosts the domain name, domain name servers (DNS) on LİMONHOST servers or uses its system to direct a domain name, the Customer is obliged to take the necessary precautions and security against attacks and information theft on the server and/or other devices maintained by LİMONHOST. . If the customer does not show due diligence while taking the necessary precautions and precautions, does not set or sets secure Email, FTP and control panel passwords, or if they are easy to guess, if the measures taken are insufficient, if the servers within LİMONHOST are damaged partially or completely, he is solely responsible for this. LİMONHOST reserves the right to restrict the service provided for these reasons, to stop it completely, to terminate the Agreement with just cause, and to recourse to the Customer for compensation for the damage it has suffered.


If the customer transfers any domain name for which he has purchased and has usage rights, LİMONHOST will comply with the procedures indicated. agrees to be bound by and to provide the necessary information.

If the customer who registered the domain name on his own behalf has this registration done on behalf of the relevant person or institution for the service to be provided to another person or institution, in case the relevant person or institution claims and proves that he is the original owner of the service, the domain name name may be transferred to the person making the payment. However, the content uploaded by the CUSTOMER to the relevant domain name will not be transferred. Only domain name provisioning service transfer is performed. In this case, only the person to whom the domain name is registered changes, there is no change in the website or the domain name itself


8.1. Violation by the Customer of any of the services provided by LİMONHOST shall constitute a breach of this agreement. In this case, the services provided by LİMONHOST may be suspended in accordance with this contract.

8.2. Through the LİMONHOST domain service, customers can use T.C. Domain names that are insulting to the state, institutions, state authorities and individuals or contain betting, gambling and sexual content, contain any illegal elements, praise crime and criminals, and are against the law and morality cannot be registered. Domain names registered in violation of these provisions are canceled without waiting for the decision of the local court and WIPO, and the price paid by the Customer for the domain name is not refunded.

8.3. The Customer agrees that if the customer does not fully comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, as well as any rules and policies determined by LİMONHOST, this situation will be considered a fundamental violation of the Agreement and LİMONHOST will notify the customers of this violation in writing or electronically. If the Customer does not provide LİMONHOST with substantial evidence that it has not breached its obligations within five (5) days, LİMONHOST may suspend and terminate its relationship with the Customer and take appropriate legal remedies against the Customer within the scope of legal legislation. Due to these violations, the Customer declares and undertakes that he will not demand any fee or refund, compensation under any name and account due to the suspension, interruption or cancellation of the services performed by LİMONHOST.


9.1. The customer accepts, declares and undertakes not to use the services offered by LİMONHOST for the following purposes, including but not limited to, or not to allow others to use them.


Repetitive, high volume inquiries to any service provided by LİMONHOST (eg domain name availability etc.)

9.2. If the client hosts the domain name, domain name servers (DNS) on LİMONHOST servers or uses its system to forward a domain name, URL, or otherwise hosts a site or a system, or if there is a domain name registered via LİMONHOST, LİMONHOST's DNS It is obligatory to take care not to overload the system. The customer shall use LİMONHOST's servers, domain name, source as a means, as a reply to an address, or as a destination address for mail bombardment, Internet packet flooding, packet spoofing, etc. cannot be used for LİMONHOST reserves the right to deactivate, suspend and terminate the service of this domain name in case of detection of illegal activities caused by the customer's site, threatening the stability of the network.

9.3. All other crimes against server hacking or security vulnerabilities will be counted as grounds for termination of the contract immediately and will be evaluated within the framework of illegal activities and LİMONHOST will ensure that the competent authorities take action.

9.4. The customer accepts that LİMONHOST may reject the domain name application made by LİMONHOST without any obligation and without any obligation to show any reason. Payments made by the customer whose domain name application is rejected will be returned to the customer in the same way. However, LİMONHOST has the right to delete any domain name registration within thirty (30) days from the date of registration, without any liability to the Customer.

9.5. Posts by the customer on the website, with pornographic, erotic content; casino, especially lotto, toto, bet, prediction, including but not limited to games of chance and / or encouraging such games; Law No. 5651 on Regulating Publications Made on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed Through These Publications, the Turkish Penal Code No. 5237, Trademark Decree No. 556, Patent Decree No. 551 and Decree No. 554 on Industrial Designs, and Opinion No. 5846. It is forbidden to include publications with criminal content within the scope of the Turkish legal legislation in force, including the Law on Art and Artworks, and the legislation of foreign countries where access to the website is possible. The website cannot contain links to other websites that include publications with prohibited content within the scope of this article. In case of violation of this article, LİMONHOST's right to change, edit, block and delete the relevant content, as well as the right to stop the publication of the Web Site, to take it down and to terminate the Agreement immediately without any compensation or any other obligation is reserved.

9.6. LİMONHOST may cancel the domain name registration of the Customer with the name and reputation associated with undesirable or morally objectionable activities. Some of the morally objectionable activities, but not limited to these, are listed below: Activities designed to cause feelings of slander, humiliation, harm, abuse, threat, insult or harassment against third parties. and 551 numbered Patent Decree, as well as activities violating the provisions of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works No. 5846 and the Turkish Commercial Code regarding unfair competition • Broadcasts containing hate crimes, terrorism and child pornography Content that encourages others to engage in unlawful acts Unfair, vulgar, vicious, infringing on the privacy of a third party, racist and other inappropriate activities Activities designed to impersonate a third party Unethical use of minors, activities that pose a risk of harm or harm to minors

9.7. In cases where the Customer does not make or fails to make payments, LİMONHOST deletes or suspends a domain name for one or more of the reasons listed above, or because it is integrated, LİMONHOST will not make any refunds to the Customer. In such cases, the customer definitively declares and undertakes that he will not demand a refund from LİMONHOST and any compensation under any name and account.


10.1. The customer agrees that LİMONHOST may make changes and updates on the contract as long as this contract remains in effect. In addition, LİMONHOST may stop the services it provides and undertakes to provide under this contract. The Customer agrees and undertakes to be bound by reasonable changes made or to be made by LİMONHOST. If the customer does not accept the reasonable changes made by LİMONHOST in the contract and cancels the contract, he accepts and undertakes that he will not request a refund for any price he has paid to LİMONHOST.

10.2. This contract is the only text that regulates all matters between the parties. All previous oral and written communications and agreements will be void upon the entry into force of this agreement. Except for the exceptions in this contract, the terms of the contract can only be changed with the written agreement of the parties.


11.1. This contract is executed as soon as the payment to be made on order is transmitted to LİMONHOST via the internet. will enter into force and the contract period is as long as the payment period chosen by the customer during the order. If one of the parties does not notify the other party in writing 15 days before the expiry of the specified period, the contract is automatically extended for the same period and under the same conditions. LİMONHOST reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the contract.

11.2. Any party's violation of any of its obligations under this contract, failure to perform its duties duly, bankruptcy, insolvency, declaring bankruptcy or bankruptcy suspension, directly or indirectly, including but not limited to, affecting the management right of its shares. the other Party has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally.

11.3. LİMONHOST may terminate this agreement without giving any reason, by giving five (5) business days written notice to the Customer. In this case, the fees related to the services that the Customer has previously performed to LİMONHOST but have not yet been used, will be returned to the customer.

11.4. The customer may terminate the contract by giving fifteen (15) days prior written notice. In this case, LİMONHOST does not renew for the period following the usage period.


The customer may not transfer the domain names registered through LİMONHOST to another domain name registrar within sixty (60) days from the date of registration. accepts and declares.


The Customer, in all matters subject to the contract, primarily regulates the publications on the Internet No. 5651 and Fights Against Crimes Committed Through These Publications It declares and undertakes that it will not violate ARTICLE 8 and other relevant provisions of the Law, Section 10 of the Turkish Penal Code No. 5237 and other relevant provisions, and that it will act in accordance with other relevant legal regulations. If the contrary is determined, the Customer is aware that LİMONHOST will provide the support requested by national or international legal authorities to the competent authorities, and accepts and undertakes in advance that all legal, administrative, penal and financial responsibility is exclusively on him.


The parties will try to resolve any conflict arising from the provisions of this contract in good faith, primarily through mutual negotiation. If the dispute cannot be terminated as a result of negotiations, Istanbul Central Court and Enforcement Offices will be authorized to settle any dispute arising from the provisions of this contract.


In disputes that may arise between the parties due to this agreement, all kinds of books and records of LİMONHOST are valid, binding, final and exclusive evidence. agrees to be. This article is in the form of written evidence pursuant to Article 193 of the H.M.K.

Force Majeure

16.1. War, civil war, acts of terrorism, earthquake, fire, flood, which develop beyond the control and will of the parties and which are beyond the reasonable supervisory power and which cannot be predicted, which prevents and / or delays the fulfillment of the obligations of the parties under this contract The occurrence of similar natural disasters will be considered as force majeure.

16.2. When a force majeure event occurs, one of the parties must immediately notify the other party without delay. In the event of such a situation, the parties will evaluate together, determine and implement the measures to be taken together. The parties will not be held responsible for failing to fulfill their obligations fully or on time due to force majeure, if the force majeure situation continues for 30 (thirty) days without interruption, this contract will automatically become annulled. However, the rights and receivables of the Parties accrued before the termination shall be reserved.


This contract has been examined in detail by the parties. The parties accept and undertake irrevocably with knowledge of the scope and outcome of each article. This contract has been presented to the customer on the website. The contract is signed and accepted by the customer as soon as the customer clicks the confirm button by ticking the box stating that he accepts this agreement on the website


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