Privacy Statement

Last Updated: 08 February 2016

Terms to be used in LimonHost Privacy Statement;

LimonHost: Limon Yazılım ve Bilişim Danışmanlık Hizmetleri LTD ŞTİ.

Services: LimonHost, cloud services platform that allows you to build, deploy, manage and store your data in a data center network managed by LimonHost.

Customer Data: texts, sounds, texts, texts, sounds, texts that you provide or are provided on your behalf in your use of the Services are all data, including partitions or image files. For example, Customer Data includes data you upload for storage or processing on the Services, and applications you or your end users have installed to be hosted on the Services.

Administrative Data; Sign up, purchase or manage the Services Information provided about administrators (including account contact and subscription administrators), such as name, address, phone number, and email address, at the time of purchase.

Payment Data; When you make online purchases; A collection of information that may include your payment instrument number (eg credit card, PayPal), name, billing address, security code associated with your payment method (eg CSV), and other financial data ("Payment Data").

Support Data; we collect when you submit a support request or run an automated troubleshooter; Information about the support incident, including hardware, software, and other details, including the following.

LemonHost Engineering; When you make online purchases; A collection of information that may include your payment instrument number (eg credit card, PayPal), name, billing address, security code associated with your payment method (eg CSV) and other financial data ("Payment Data").


LemonHost is a cloud services platform that allows you to build, deploy, manage and store your data in a managed data center network. The notice applies to the use of these services and all other LimonHost services that link to or display this notice. The Services may enable you to purchase, subscribe to or use other products and services with different privacy practices from LimonHost or third parties. Your use of other products and services and the information you send to the third party are governed by the privacy statements and policies of the third parties. Notice to End Users: This privacy statement is written for the organization or company ("our client") that has contracted with LimonHost for the Services. The terms "you" or "your" in the notice refer to our customers who may use the Services to develop and host their own services for their end users in return for this agreement. In such cases, all information collected or managed by LimonHost will be processed by us on behalf of our client who controls the collection and use of the information. End users should report their privacy requests to the end user service provider. LimonHost is not responsible for customers' privacy practices.

Customer Data;

Does not include configuration or technical settings. Customer Data is only used to provide the Services.  This affects the operation of the Services.It may include troubleshooting to prevent, detect or repair problems, and develop features for the user to detect and protect against emerging or evolving threats (such as malware or spam).

Administrator Data;

We use Admin Data to complete your requested actions, manage your account, improve the Services, and detect and prevent fraud. We may contact you to provide information about new subscriptions, billing and important updates about your subscription, including information about security or other technical issues with the Services. We may also contact you about third-party inquiries we receive regarding your use of the Services, as described in your notices. You may not unsubscribe to these communications. Subject to your communication preferences, we may contact you by phone, email, regarding other products and services, information, offers, or to request your feedback.

Payment Data;

We use Payment Data to complete transactions and to detect and prevent fraud. When you provide Payment Data while verifying your identity, we store this data to help you complete future transactions so you don't have to provide this information again. However, we do not store the security code (eg CSV) associated with your payment instrument as such.

To remove or change the Payment Data, please contact Customer Service. After closing your account or removing Payment Data, LimonHost may retain your Payment Data for as long as necessary to complete your existing transaction and to detect and prevent fraud.

Support Data;

Support Data we collect when you submit a support request or run an automated troubleshooter; Information about the support incident, including hardware, software, and other details.

Contact or authentication information; Includes chat session customization, information about machine and application status when errors occur or during diagnosis, system, registry data, and error trace files about software downloads and hardware configurations.

Information support phone, email, or online available via chat. With your permission, we may use Remote Access (RA) to browse your machine temporarily. Telephone conversations, online chat sessions, Remote Access sessions with LimonHost Engineers can be recorded and/or monitored. For Remote Access, we can access the recording after your session. We may terminate an Online Chat or Remote Access session at any time. We use Support Data for educational purposes and to resolve your support incident as described in or in addition to this privacy statement.

After the support incident, we may send you a survey about your experience and offers. You must opt out of support surveys separately from other communications provided by LimonHost, by contacting support or via the email footer.

Some business customers may purchase advanced support offers (eg: Maintenance agreement). These offers are subject to separate terms and notices.

Sharing Information;

We do not disclose Customer Data, Manager Data, Payment Data or Support Data ("your information") other than as described by LimonHost or your agreements or this privacy statement.

Service on our behalf (customer support) We make agreements from time to time with other institutions to provide We can give these institutions access to your information when necessary for their business. These institutions are obliged to protect the confidentiality of your information and are prohibited from using information other than for the purpose for which they are assigned by LimonHost. We do not disclose (except our contractors). If a third party contacts us to request Customer Data, we will try to direct the third party to request that data directly from you. For this purpose, we may provide that third party with your basic contact information. If we are required to disclose Customer Data to a third party, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide advance notice of such disclosure, unless prohibited by law.

LimonHost may share Admin Data or Payment Data with third parties for fraud prevention or to process payment transactions. .

The Services, your purchase of services, software and content from companies other than LimonHost,may enable you to subscribe to or use them (“Third Party Offerings”). If you choose to purchase, subscribe to or use a Third Party Offer, we may provide your Admin Data or Payment Data to the third party so that they can provide you with their offer (and send promotional communications based on your communication preferences). This information and your use of a Third Party Offering will be governed by the applicable privacy statement and policies of the third party.

We do not directly respond to data protection and privacy requests from your end users without your prior written consent, unless required by applicable law.

Security Controls and Features

LemonHost provides a secure foundation from which customers can design, build, and manage their own secure cloud applications and infrastructures.

24-hour monitored physical security; LimonHost manages and monitors data centers to protect data and services from unauthorized access and environmental threats.

Monitoring and logging; Security is monitored with the help of centralized monitoring, correlation and analysis systems that manage the large amount of information generated by devices in the environment and provide timely alerts. Additionally, multiple levels of monitoring, logging, and reporting can be used to provide customers with visibility.

Fix; Integrated distribution systems manage the distribution and installation of security patches. Customers can implement similar patch management processes for Virtual Machines deployed on LimonHost.

Permanent zero privileges; LimonHost operations and support personnel are denied access to customer data by default. When allowed, access is carefully managed and logged in the support application.

Data Location;

LimonHost may relocate Customer Data to a large geographic area (for example, within the US, Europe, or Turkey) for data redundancy or other purposes. LimonHost does not move Customer Data outside of the main geographic regions you specify (for example, from the USA to Asia or from Europe to the USA), except in the following cases:

Providing customer support, troubleshooting the service, or meeting legal requirements when required to comply.

LimonHost does not control or limit the regions in which you or your End Users may access or migrate Customer Data.

LemonHost Account;

To access the Services, you or your users may need to log in with a LimonHost Account or other authentication mechanism. By logging into a LimonHost service, you may be automatically logged in to other LimonHost services that use these credentials.

Changes in the Privacy Statement

With customer feedback We will update our privacy statement from time to time to reflect changes in our services. When we post changes to a notification, we will change the "last updated" date at the top of the notification. If there is a major change in the notice or the way LimonHost uses your personal information, we will notify you by issuing a warning or notifying you directly before the changes take effect.

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