SQL Server Cloud Backup Service

With LimonHost's advanced SQL Server cloud backup service, you can backup your company's important databases securely and uninterruptedly in the cloud. With the user-friendly interface and the advantage of AWS S3, you can easily create, manage and access your SQL server backups at any time!

LimonHost SQL Server Cloud Backup Service

One of the most advanced database systems in the world, SQL Server successfully meets the design, storage and sharing needs of companies for all their data. However, as in all digital domains, SQL Server infrastructures can be exposed to malicious cyber attacks. This can bring a heavy balance sheet for companies, from slowdowns of services to massive data losses. Against this danger, it is extremely important for companies to properly backup their SQL Server data and protect it from malicious attacks. LimonHost provides an easy, fast and efficient cloud backup experience thanks to the backup solutions it offers.

Bulut Yedekleme Mini Paket

  • 50 Gb AWS Bulut Yedekleme Alanı

Bulut Yedekleme Midi Paket

  • 200 Gb AWS Bulut Yedekleme Alanı

Bulut Yedekleme Maxi Paket

  • 500 Gb AWS Bulut Yedekleme Alanı

Experience SQL Server Backup Solution with LimonHost

LimonHost professionally offers the most suitable solutions for the different needs of its business partners in the digital field. In this way, it supports companies to continue their operations in the most efficient way in today's world where competition and uninterrupted service have the utmost importance. LimonHost SQL Server cloud backup service allows companies to back up their data at different scales with the world's most preferred and reliable infrastructures. By backing up SQL database servers, companies are prevented from encountering service interruptions, ransomware and similar problems. In addition, companies can easily access their backed-up data from anywhere at any time.

Easy and Secure with Acronis Data Backup Engine

With Acronis Cyber ​​Protect, you can back up your company's important SQL database servers more easily than ever before and access this database whenever you want. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and advanced tools, Acronis enables you to easily solve your different needs in your backup service.

What can you back up?

Always Available Backups with AWS Engine

All your data is stored uninterruptedly and securely thanks to Amazon Web Service S3. With a 99.99% availability guarantee, AWS S3 helps you quickly access your data and maintain your services in potential disaster and recovery scenarios.

Backup Your SQL Server Data and Protect Against Cyber ​​Attacks

LimonHost, which makes cloud backup service much more effective and professional with AWS and Acronis, offers the most secure and uninterrupted backup solutions for your company. In addition to uninterrupted data backup and access, your stored data is also protected by AES-256 end-to-end encryption technology. In this way, third-party access is successfully blocked and only you have access to your data. In addition, thanks to uninterrupted cloud backup, you can access your backups in case of possible attacks and data breaches and reactivate your services in a very short time.

Focus on Your Business with LimonHost Cloud Backup Solutions

LimonHost, which provides companies with a professional experience thanks to its advanced backup services, helps companies focus on their services with easy-to-use infrastructures and high-security storage solutions. Professional data backup and storage eliminates the need for companies to make high investments in these areas and allows them to save money without sacrificing performance. Thanks to LimonHost, you can perform your SQL Server and other backup services easily and quickly and focus on improving your company's services.

LimonHost Cloud Backup Services

Use the power of AWS for a robust and reliable backup solution. Thanks to the strong and reliable infrastructure of AWS, you use one of the most powerful cloud infrastructures for your Acronis Backup service. Thanks to the management panel specially developed for Acronis Backup, you can return to the backup you created at any time. We are with you when you need help. LimonHost team provides the support you need to increase your efficiency and security and reduce your costs by realizing your AWS cloud transformation with services specific to your business.

Discover the Ultimate Benefits

Astonishing User Experience Features

Always Accessible

With AWS S3 and Acronis, you can access your backups from anywhere without interruption.

Advanced Cybersecurity

Your backed up data is protected against possible cyber attacks and attackers with advanced technologies.

User-Friendly Interface

You can easily manage your backups thanks to the user-friendly Acronis interface.

Cost Saving Advantages

With LimonHost backup services, you can save on hardware and infrastructure investments.

Uninterrupted Service Support

LimonHost's professional technical team is always with you for the support you need for your services.

Very Short Downtime

You can access your backups quickly and easily, reduce downtime and keep continuing your services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my SQL Server backups be stored?

Your database servers are securely stored in the AWS S3 infrastructure.

On Which Platforms Can I Access My Backups?

You can easily access and manage your backups from anywhere via desktop and mobile platforms.

Are My Backups Safe From Cyber ​​Attacks?

All your data is safely protected thanks to LimonHost's advanced backup services.

Need help?

We are always here for you with our 24/7 Support!