Web Hosting Agreement


This contract, Cihannüma Mah. Beşiktaş, located at Hüsnü Savman Sok No40 Da9 Beşiktaş / İstanbul Turkey LİMON BİLGİ TEKNOLOJİLRERİ A.Ş. registered with the Tax Office with the tax number 6091042024. (hereinafter referred to as LIMONHOST) and the natural or legal person whose information is obtained with the relevant form on the Site by purchasing LIMONHOST products and services on the website of LIMONHOST (hereinafter: www.limonhost.net (this “Site”)). It has been accepted between the CUSTOMER and/or “You”) in the form and conditions stated below. By accepting this Agreement electronically by the Customer, the customer accepts that the corporate policies and/or agreements on the website www.limonhost.net, which is added as a reference to this Agreement, have been read, understood, agreed and the provisions of this Agreement are binding for the Customer. , declaration and commitment.


This contract comes into force with the activation of the service following the CUSTOMER's online service application from the Site belonging to LIMONHOST and is for an indefinite period. In the event that the CUSTOMER purchases the services subject to the contract in the form of subscription by making monthly payments, the Contract will be deemed to be for an indefinite period.


The service to be provided by LIMONHOST to the CUSTOMER under this agreement basically consists of hosting the CUSTOMER's websites and/or database and/or e-mail accounts on LİMONHOST servers and publishing them over the internet. Within the scope of this agreement, the CUSTOMER may receive any of the "Web Hosting", "Corporate Hosting", "Windows Hosting", "Reseller Hosting", "FastWP" and "Corporate Email" services individually and/or together. The Customer knows and accepts that the service received will be charged separately according to the type and content. By using this Service(s), the CUSTOMER agrees to comply with the terms and conditions set forth herein and all LIMONHOST policies and procedures published on the Site.

3.1. Depending on the terms and conditions of this Agreement, LİMONHOST will provide service with maximum continuity and operability by using all reasonable resources during the term of the Agreement. CUSTOMER acknowledges that the Services may not be accessible or run in certain circumstances, including but not limited to:

3.1.1. Force majeure (natural disasters such as earthquake, fire, flood, epidemics and other human disasters),

3.1.2. Hardware failures,

3.1.3. Periodic Maintenance procedures or repairs undertaken by LIMONHOST from time to time,

3.1.4. Causes beyond the control of LIMONHOST or unforeseen by LIMONHOST, including but not limited to interruptions or malfunctions in telecommunication or digital transmission lines, malicious network attacks, network density or other malfunctions

3.2. CUSTOMER acknowledges that LIMONHOST has no control over the continuity or uninterruptedness of its Services and is not guaranteed.

3.3. CUSTOMER may benefit from Services and/or Products and/or Applications (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Services") offered by LIMONHOST in addition to certain Services. In this case, LIMONHOST cannot be held responsible for any errors, damages, losses and/or malfunctions that may arise from these Services provided by third companies / institutions. LIMONHOST does not support or warrant these Services.


4.1. The CUSTOMER acknowledges that the factual reporting of all identification information, including the TR Identity Number declared at the establishment stage of this Agreement, is mandatory and a prerequisite for the valid establishment of this Agreement. If it is determined later that the identity information of the CUSTOMER is incorrect or incomplete, the said error or defect will be corrected by the CUSTOMER within 2 days upon the notification to be made by LİMONHOST. Otherwise, LİMONHOST has the right to terminate this contract with just cause, immediately without the need for a separate warning or notice. Due to the terminations made by LİMONHOST for this reason, the CUSTOMER cannot indemnify, pay, return, compensate, etc., under any name and account, due to the suspension of the service offered from LİMONHOST or the termination of the contract. accepts, declares and undertakes that it cannot make any demands. Due to incomplete or incorrect information provided, the CUSTOMER agrees and undertakes to indemnify LİMONHOST and third parties, including damages caused by inaccuracies or omissions in such information.

4.2. The CUSTOMER cannot act in a way that will harm other customers of LİMONHOST, its commercial reputation and reputation. In such cases, LİMONHOST may terminate the contract, suspend, freeze, etc. All rights reserved. In the event of such a situation, the CUSTOMER shall not be liable for any material and/or moral damages. rar claim and cannot go to the responsibility of LİMONHOST.


4.3.1. By signing this contract, the CUSTOMER declares and undertakes that he accepts the terms of use of the service. By signing this Agreement, the CUSTOMER is responsible for T.R. accepts and undertakes not to act contrary to laws, decree laws, rules and regulations and general morality and decency, and that he is fully responsible for the content of web pages, ftp and other Internet services belonging to himself or his customers.

4.3.2. The customer shall use the information, data, e-mail, web pages and all other electronic information to be kept in the hosting system he/she uses and to publish from the server, for the purposes and legal activities of this agreement, without violating the public order, T.R. It accepts and undertakes that it will comply with the laws, customs and general moral rules, and that it will undertake the financial and legal liabilities of all kinds of copyrights. The CUSTOMER accepts, declares and undertakes in advance that they will not violate the rights of third persons and institutions arising from all kinds of laws and regulations through the service provided, including the scope of IT Law, Intellectual and Industrial Rights Law and Criminal Law. The CUSTOMER is responsible for any legal action and unlawful content that may arise in this matter, and the fees and other compensations to be paid will be undertaken only by the CUSTOMER. CUSTOMER agrees to exclude LİMONHOST from these relations and matters in any case. Despite this, in the event that administrative, legal or criminal proceedings are initiated against LİMONHOST for any reason, the CUSTOMER is obliged to indemnify all material and moral damages suffered or to be incurred by LİMONHOST and third parties. In the event that legal, administrative and/or criminal proceedings are initiated against LİMONHOST due to the unlawful actions of the CUSTOMER, LİMONHOST shall take the case to notice, recourse, etc. all rights reserved. The CUSTOMER accepts, declares and undertakes in advance that LİMONHOST cannot claim to be responsible for the CONTENT, regardless of the reason.

4.3.3. LİMONHOST is not obliged to control the accuracy and content of the information reaching its system and to impose any censorship, unless there is a request from the legal authorities. For this reason, the CUSTOMER will check the accuracy and suitability of the information they will receive via the internet. The legal and penal liability for damages that may occur due to the accuracy and content of the information they receive belong exclusively to the CUSTOMER. No written, audio or visual content, material presented from LİMONHOST servers, TC. It cannot be against the law. Otherwise, the responsibility for all material and moral damages arising or to arise belongs to the CUSTOMER.

4.3.4. Unlicensed software cannot be used or used by the CUSTOMER under any circumstances, pirated software distribution that violates copyright and other intellectual property laws, and e-mail with advertising content (SPAM) sent without the approval of 3rd parties cannot be made. A copy of the licenses and invoices of the installed software and the software to be installed in the future must be given to LİMONHOST as long as this contract is valid. The CUSTOMER agrees and undertakes to deliver the relevant license and invoice copies to LİMONHOST within 30 days from the date of receipt. The CUSTOMER shall be responsible for all disputes that may arise between the license holder and the CUSTOMER. Despite this, in the event that administrative, legal or criminal proceedings are initiated against the CUSTOMER for any reason, the CUSTOMER is obliged to indemnify all the losses incurred by LİMONHOST.

4.3.5. The parties will not engage in any behavior that will harm each other's commercial reputation and reputation. The CUSTOMER's purchase of services from LİMONHOST provides the CUSTOMER with the rights arising from LİMONHOST's Intellectual and Industrial Rights Law legislation, know-how, commercial information, trade secrets, etc. Having information about the internal functioning of the company and the content of the services offered, partnership, right of use, etc. The CUSTOMER accepts, declares and undertakes in advance that the CUSTOMER does not have the opportunity to share any information learned with third parties or institutions, either verbally or in writing, due to the service provided without the express and written consent of LİMONHOST. The CUSTOMER is responsible for system and information security, except as otherwise stated, and is responsible for ensuring information security during the use of its services.

4.3.6. In the event that the CUSTOMER determines that the terms of use are violated, LİMONHOST reserves the right to take measures such as deleting information, stopping the broadcast, suspending, blocking harmful broadcasts, preventing access. In addition, the CUSTOMER, who acts in violation of the terms of use, shall not be entitled to any right or compensation for the measures to be taken by LİMONHOST. cannot request it.

4.3.7. The CUSTOMER hereby declares that he/she will completely fulfill the duties loaded in accordance with the law numbered 5651 on the hosting service within the scope of this contract, and if a legal information request is requested, he/she will notify the legal authorities or LİMONHOST completely and accurately within 1 business day at the latest. undertakes to cover the damages and expenses incurred by the company. The CUSTOMER accepts in advance that, in accordance with the Law No. 5651, the CUSTOMER knows and consents to the sharing of the information and log records recorded in the system, in case of a request made by third parties claiming that LİMONHOST's rights protected by the official authorities and the legislation are violated with the claims of illegality in the content. , declares and undertakes. In the event that LİMONHOST requests this and similar information by official authorities or if LİMONHOST is notified of illegal content pursuant to Law No. 5651, the CUSTOMER is obliged to comply with the law, including blocking access to LİMONHOST, removing the content, suspending it, and canceling the service and the service contract. It irrevocably accepts, declares and undertakes in advance that it reserves the right to take all kinds of measures in terms of stopping the acts and acts that constitute a violation. The CUSTOMER cannot claim that his material and moral rights have been violated in terms of the precautionary actions taken by LİMONHOST due to such requests. If the CUSTOMER does not fulfill its payment obligations against LİMONHOST or the CUSTOMER does not comply with Article 8 and 9 of the Law No. 5651 on the Regulation of Publications Made on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed Through These Publications, and the Turkish Penal Code No. 5237. In case of violation of Section 10 and other relevant provisions of the LİMONHOST, the services may be stopped, suspended and/or this agreement may be terminated by LİMONHOST unilaterally and without any additional liability, immediately without compensation and without notice. In this case, the CUSTOMER cannot claim any damage or compensation against LİMONHOST.

4.3.8. The CUSTOMER accepts, declares and undertakes that this right of use cannot be rented, sold, transferred or made available to others, otherwise it may be subject to a penalty payment equal to the minimum contract price without the need for any legal warning or notice.

4.3.9. The CUSTOMER is obliged to take the necessary precautions and security against attacks, information theft, hacking and all kinds of misuse on the different servers and systems maintained by LİMONHOST. Within the scope of shared hosting services, the CUSTOMER shall be solely responsible for all damages that the website may cause due to excessive system load, excessive CPU, RAM and Disk usage and other reasons that tire the system, and shall cover the damages that may arise due to the disruption of the services of other LİMONHOST customers and that LİMONHOST It accepts and undertakes in advance that its services may be stopped for any reason.

4.3.10. The CUSTOMER is obliged to indemnify all kinds of material and moral damages, including the damages of third parties, which may arise from situations such as connecting to a third party's network or system, stealing passwords of third parties, installing malicious software on the server without the permission of a third party. He accepts and undertakes that he is and therefore his account may be suspended by LİMONHOST. For access to networks and systems that are not under the direct control of the CUSTOMER, it is obligatory to obtain the written consent of the third party in question. If it wishes, LİMONHOST may request documents to prove that access to the third party's network or system is within the scope of permission and may require the submission of such documents.

4.3.11. The CUSTOMER declares and undertakes to indemnify LİMONHOST against any claims arising from the use of LİMONHOST's services in violation of the law and contract.

4.3.12. These are the activities that are not accepted on any of the Shared web servers and Reseller servers: Topsites Hotlinks USENET and all IRC (Internet Relay Chat) script, bot-like Image, File Hosting Script (Mirror Script) and Software - (Photobucket, Tinypic like, Rapidshare) , etc...) Paid or free video, file, backup, document etc. file hosting, archive creation or script usage Mail Bombing, spam scripting attempts to send e-mails Creating malicious traffic with Bruteforce Programs/Scripts/Applications viii. Proxy scripts MUDs/RPGs/PBBGs AutoSurf/PTC/PTS/PPC sites Spamdexing, publications of Black Hat SEO sites Banner-Name services (commercial banner name loop) Web data collectors and index services (Google Cash/ AdSpy included) Anonymous or bulk SMS network g versions Commercial Audio Broadcast (more than one or two broadcasts) Escrow account/Bank Bonds Warez/forums or websites that distribute or link to pirated/illegal content Fraud Sites (at aa419.org and escrow-fraud.com Any broadcast of Live Sports Events (UFC, NASCAR, FIFA, NFL, MLB, NBA, WWE, WWF etc.) Bit torrent or other P2P (peer-to-peer) applications, Counter- as tracker or client. strike, half-life, battlefield1942, etc. game script, content and broadcast Hacker-focused sites/archives/programs Malicious software, Fraudent content, Phishing attempts Any code software that will affect server or network performance Denial of Service attacks (DDOS) Service attacks such as ), Bruteforce, Syn Attack, Testing for unauthorized system or network vulnerability, attempting to violate security or authentication measures Mail Bombing, Mailer Pro, attempts to send e-mail with spam script Spoofing/Impersonation spoofing and fake notification or mail sending Externally accessible or password protected proxy servers or anonymous proxy services Open Proxy servers, Relay mail servers, DNS Recursion abuse of the network Content of insults and discourses against individuals and institutions Obscene content (nudity, pornography or similar content) copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets or any other Unauthorized use of third-party information – violations defamatory, harassing, profanity, threats or breach of privacy and incitement to violence, threats, hate content Content that will affect national security or law enforcement investigation processes Content that promotes the use of illegal substances Promotes illegal activities or services (Arms smuggling, gambling (betting, lottery)) Investment sites (FOREX, E-Gold Exchange, Second Life/Linden Exchange, Ponzi, MLM/Policy Chain) Sale of authorized substances without prior proof of necessary permission(s) Invoice Collection sites

4.3.13. Although not stated in the above articles, it is strictly forbidden to carry out any activity that is against the current laws and constitutes a crime. Otherwise, LİMONHOST reserves the right to terminate the agreement immediately, without compensation and without notice. It is the CUSTOMER's responsibility to ensure that the scripts/programs installed in the CUSTOMER's Account are secure and that the access permissions to the directories are set accordingly. LİMONHOST services, including all associated equipment, networks and network devices, are for authorized CUSTOMER use only. LIMONHOST systems may be monitored for all lawful purposes, including ensuring that use is authorized, administering the system, facilitating protection against unauthorized access, and verifying security procedures, survivability, and operational security. During monitoring, information can be viewed, recorded, copied and used for permitted purposes. Use of the LİMONHOST system(s) constitutes consent to monitoring for these purposes. Any Account that connects to a third party's network or system without their consent may be suspended. In order to access networks and systems that are not under the direct control of the CUSTOMER, it is obligatory to obtain written consent from the said third party. If it wishes, LİMONHOST may request documents to prove that access to the third party's network or system is within the scope of permission and may require the submission of such documents.

4.3.14. Regardless of who requests it, LİMONHOST reserves the right to refuse to provide the Service.

4.3.15. Without being limited to the foregoing, if the e-mail from the LİMONHOST Department is not answered within forty-eight (48) hours, the Service(s) offered to the CUSTOMER may be suspended or terminated. Any issue of fraud, error, reporting/email must be negotiated and responded to within forty-eight (48) hours. E-mail not received, read, etc. It is not possible to submit claims, and the responsibility for keeping the e-mail address up-to-date rests solely with the CUSTOMER. The CUSTOMER is ultimately responsible for all transactions made under the accounts of their dealers.


4.4.1. CUSTOMER acknowledges in advance that accounts with high file counts may cause a decrease in server performance and that they are limited within the scope of this agreement. “inode” represents the amount of all files in your linux hosting account. Limits; In any shared hosting account, it is 250,000 inodes for Linux system and 500,000 files for Windows system. In the event that the limits in this provision are exceeded by the CUSTOMER, LİMONHOST warns the CUSTOMER by phone or e-mail and takes the time to reduce the number of files. has the right to give LİMONHOST has the right to suspend or terminate the service if the necessary actions are not taken within the time given to it by the CUSTOMER.

4.4.2. CUSTOMER accepts in advance that accounts with high database table number and/or database size may cause a decrease in server performance and these are limited within the scope of this agreement. The usage limit for the total number of tables in the database is 5,000, the limit for the number of tables in a single database is 1,000, the limit for the total size of databases is 10 GB, and the limit for the size of a single database is 5GB. In the event that the limits in this provision are exceeded by the CUSTOMER, LİMONHOST has the right to warn the CUSTOMER by phone or e-mail and give time to reduce the number of files. LİMONHOST has the right to suspend or terminate the service if the necessary actions are not taken within the time given to it by the CUSTOMER.

4.4.3. The upper limit of usage of system resources is determined differently according to each package. These limits are: 512 MB RAM / 1 Core CPU for Starter Packs, 1 Gb RAM / 1 Core CPU for Economy Packs, 2 Gb RAM / 2 Core CPUs for Enterprise Packs, and 4 Gb RAM / 4 Core CPUs for Extra packs. There are several activities that lead to overuse of resources. These include CGI scripts, FTP, PHP, HTTP etc. takes place. How many seconds the CPU will process commands is an important parameter for server performance, in shared hosting services, CPU usage time is limited per account in order to ensure fair use between packages. CPU usage time limits 1,000 seconds/hour, 10,000 seconds/day, 300,000 seconds/month in packages with 1 Core CPU; 2,000 seconds/hour, 20,000 seconds/day, 600,000 seconds/month in packages with 2 Core CPUs; It is determined as 4,000 seconds/hour, 40,000 seconds/day, 800,000 seconds/month in packages containing 4 Core CPUs. In the event that the limits in this provision are exceeded by the CUSTOMER, LİMONHOST has the right to warn the CUSTOMER by phone or e-mail and give time to reduce the number of files. LİMONHOST has the right to slow down the service if the necessary actions are not taken within the time given to it by the CUSTOMER. It is within the CUSTOMER's knowledge and acceptance that performance problems may occur if these limits are exceeded.

4.4.4. The input / output (I/O) limits on hard drives and solid state drives are as follows: 1024 KB for the Starter package, 2048 KB for the Economy package, 2048 for the Enterprise package and 4096 KB for the Extra package.

4.4.5. CUSTOMER cannot run independent, unattended server-side processes on the server at any time. This includes any kind of snooping program like IRCD.

4.4.6. The CUSTOMER declares that MySQL databases are an inseparable value-added service of shared hosting, that it can only be used with shared hosting, therefore, if deemed necessary, database access requests from outside the LİMONHOST network may be rejected by LİMONHOST, accepts, declares and undertakes in advance that no claim of damage will be claimed. MySQL users are limited to 25 simultaneous connections at the same time, "too many connections" error is received when the limit is exceeded. A rate limit will be applied to MySQL requests from outside the network of LIMONHOST. (Instant 128Kbit/Sec)

4.4.7. It cannot execute any MySQL query longer than 15 seconds. MySQL tables should be properly indexed.

4.4.8. It cannot run “cron entry” more often than 15 minutes.

4.4.9. The maximum file size to be sent as "attachment" in e-mails is 25 MB.

4.4.10. The user can send a maximum of 100 e-mails per hour. (Valid in standard hosting packages. Limits may differ in corporate hosting packages.)

4.4.11. Sent e-mails cannot be sent to more than 50 users at any one time.

4.4.12. Mail accounts that have not been accessed for 3 months or more (POP/IMAP, Webmail) will be stopped. At the end of the 3rd month after the accounts are stopped, the account is completely deleted.

4.4.13. Upload of executable files is not allowed in FTP domains. (.ade .adp .app .asp .bas .bat .cer .chm .cmd .com .cpl .crt .csh .der .exe .fxp .gadget .hlp .hta .inf .ins .isp .its .js . jse .ksh .lnk .mad .maf .mag .mam .maq .mar .mas .mat .mau.mav .maw .mda .mdb .mde .mdt .mdw .mdz .msc .msh .msh1 .shxml .m.m. msh1xml .msh2xml .msi .msp .mst .ops .pcd .pif .plg .prf .prg .pst .reg .scf .scr .sct .shb . shs .ps1 .ps1xml .ml .ps2 .ps . url .vb .vbe .vbs .vsmacros .vsw .ws .wsc .wsf .wsh .xnk etc. )

4.4.14. The maximum file size to be sent at once in FTP is 10 MB.

4.4.15. Instant connection to a website in shared hosting 50/second for Starter and Super Starter packages, 100/second for Unlimited package, Unlimited Pro pa 150/second for the kit and 200/sec for the Unlimited Xtreme package.

4.4.16. It cannot run web spiders or indexing programs of any kind (including Google Cash/AdSpy) on shared servers.

4.4.17. It cannot run software that interfaces with the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network.

4.4.18. Bit torrent application, tracker or client program of any kind cannot execute. Links to legitimate torrents outside the site can be provided, but they cannot be hosted or stored on LİMONHOST's shared servers.

4.4.19. It cannot participate in file sharing/peer-to-peer activities of any kind.

4.4.20. Counter-strike, half-life, battlefiled1942 and other gaming servers cannot run.

4.4.21. When using the HPH include function to include a local file, it cannot include a local file instead of a URL. In this regard, include (“include.php”) should be used instead of include (“http://yourdomain.com/include.php”).

4.4.22. Do not use server-side code on html (like php and shtml) to help reduce usage.

4.4.23. Do not use the https protocol unless necessary; Encryption and decryption communications occupy the CPU much more than non-encrypted communications.

4.5. Bandwidth Usage

CUSTOMER has a monthly bandwidth limit. This limit varies depending on the hosting package purchased by the CUSTOMER. If the CUSTOMER Account exceeds the amount in question, LİMONHOST reserves the right to upgrade the CUSTOMER's account and suspend the CUSTOMER account until additional bandwidth is purchased.

In principle, the bandwidth that the CUSTOMER can use monthly is unlimited. However, this situation cannot be understood as the CUSTOMER can do video sharing and video broadcasting, picture sharing and picture broadcasting. In the aforementioned cases, LİMONHOST reserves the right to intervene if it deems necessary.

4.6. Storage, Backup and Security: LİMONHOST does its best to protect and back up all of the CUSTOMER's data on a regular basis, however, it does not accept responsibility for any errors that may arise in the data it contains. Data backup is the responsibility of the CUSTOMER. The CUSTOMER always assumes the risk of loss and damage to the Website and the files belonging to the entire Website content. The CUSTOMER is completely obliged to protect the confidentiality of the CUSTOMER Password and Account information. The CUSTOMER acknowledges that he is responsible for all actions, omissions and expenditures of any website content made under his Account using his Account or password, or viewed, linked, stored or published on the Server in connection with or belonging to the Site. The CUSTOMER is responsible for taking the necessary measures, which are stated and not listed below: To prevent any loss or damage to the website content To protect the independent archive and backup copies of the website content To ensure the security, confidentiality and integrity of all website content hosted or published on LİMONHOST servers To ensure the confidentiality of account information

LİMONHOST shared servers are not an archive and LİMONHOST is not responsible for any loss or damage to the website content of the CUSTOMER or any person / institution. Services are not provided to provide a PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant environment, this is within the CUSTOMER's knowledge. LİMONHOST is not responsible for any breach of the terms of this Agreement by the CUSTOMER or any person or institution using the Services. CUSTOMER will always use the Services in the form of a classic and/or traditional website. The CUSTOMER may not use the Services at LİMONHOST's initiative in a way that may damage the functionality or operation of LİMONHOST's Services or hardware. LİMONHOST records will be accepted as valid and conclusive evidence in case of disputes that may arise regarding the transactions to be made by the CUSTOMER over the internet.

4.7. In the event that the CUSTOMER purchases a database hosting Service, the CUSTOMER grants LİMONHOST the necessary authorization to log into its own servers to install and configure the relevant software.


5.1. CUSTOMER undertakes to pay usage fees and related taxes related to LİMONHOST Services. Fees are collected in advance with the first order and are automatically closed at the end of the period unless stated otherwise.

5.2. LİMONHOST offers an AUTOMATIC RENEWAL option for its services. As long as the auto-renewal option is not canceled for the Services using the auto-renewal option as the default setting, LİMONHOST will automatically renew the Services with the current Service period when the renewal period comes and collect the payment with the Payment Method specified on the order over the prices of LİMONHOST in effect at that time. With the products purchased, the CUSTOMER matic renewal service is registered. Thanks to this service, products are automatically renewed at current prices using the registered payment method shortly before they expire, and the Customer does not need to take any further action. The customer has the right to cancel the auto-renewal feature in his LİMONHOST account at any time and at any time. It is not possible to claim that this feature has been turned off without a written confirmation sent to the Customer by LİMONHOST regarding the cancellation of the automatic renewal request.

5.3. The CUSTOMER agrees that as long as the AUTOMATIC RENEWAL continues, it will be automatically renewed in the next renewal period and in return for the service fees announced by LİMONHOST 1 (one) month ago to the CUSTOMER via the web and/or e-mail. The collection of the relevant service fees will be made from the credit card account three (3) days before the renewal date.

5.4. If the CUSTOMER chooses to pay by bank transfer, LİMONHOST activates the LİMONHOST service as a result of the transfer within 7 (seven) calendar days from the account opened on behalf of the person or institution specified in the CUSTOMER information during the application to the bank account of LİMONHOST specified on the Site, and Informs the CUSTOMER. For payments made by Bank Transfer/EFT method, the order code must be specified in the payment description. All costs of payments belong to the CUSTOMER.

5.5. For Web hosting, reseller hosting and database hosting Services, Services that cannot be paid within fifteen (15) business days as of the end of service period are stopped. Services that are not paid within fifteen (15) business days following the pause period will be deleted. In SSL Certificate services, if the required collection is not made by the service end date, the Service is closed. Failure to make the payment by the CUSTOMER or failure to deliver the aforementioned payment receipt to LİMONHOST, etc. In such cases, the CUSTOMER shall not be liable for any material and moral damages, including data loss, due to the suspension, suspension, temporary or permanent termination of the service, and that LİMONHOST shall not be liable for regular payments and to inform LİMONHOST in writing that the payment has been made. It is accepted, declared and committed by the CUSTOMER that it is followed by the customer.

5.6. The fees paid after the renewal of the service received from LİMONHOST are non-refundable.


6.1. LİMONHOST reserves the right to revise its service policies and Agreements at any time without notice. By continuing to use LİMONHOST Services, the CUSTOMER is deemed to have accepted the terms of the Agreement specified on the Site, which may change from time to time. The CUSTOMER accepts, declares and undertakes in advance that LİMONHOST cannot claim that it is not aware of the contract conditions on the Site.

6.2. In the event that the CUSTOMER violates the terms set forth in this agreement or all LİMONHOST policies and Agreements, LİMONHOST may terminate the services provided to the CUSTOMER and/or terminate the agreement without prior notice. In this case, the CUSTOMER's pre-paid fees will not be refunded. In case the parties violate the conditions specified in this contract, the other party is warned in writing; If the violation of the contract is not remedied within 7 days from the notification of the said notice, the relevant party may terminate the contract without any further notice.

6.3. In the event that the CUSTOMER's collections regarding the Services cannot be realized, LİMONHOST may terminate the contract, suspend or suspend the service. In this case, the CUSTOMER's pre-paid fees will not be refunded.

6.4. CUSTOMER may terminate the Agreement by removing the AUTOMATIC RENEWAL at any time until the renewal date specified on the site of the purchased Service.

6.5. In the event of any of the following situations or the equivalent occur, LİMONHOST may terminate this Agreement unilaterally (without having to pay any compensation, expense, loss, etc.) by giving a written notice to the CUSTOMER:

b) CUSTOMER 's insolvency, issuing a deed of assignment in favor of its creditors, going bankrupt or declaring a bankruptcy;

c) Taking a court decision against the CUSTOMER on the administration of the CUSTOMER's property;

d)Issuing an order or decision to liquidate the CUSTOMER as a company (for purposes other than reorganization or merger purposes approved by Limonhost in writing);

e) The appointment of a liquidator on the CUSTOMER's property or assets, or the emergence of situations that require the court or a creditor to appoint a liquidator or bankruptcy office, or for the court to take a liquidation decision;

h) In case the force majeure situation lasts more than 30 days.


Istanbul Central Courts and Enforcement Offices shall be authorized in all disputes arising from the implementation and interpretation of this contract.


8.1. Provided that it is beyond the control and will of the parties, beyond the reasonable supervisory power, and which cannot be predicted, which prevents and / or delays the fulfillment of the obligations of the parties under this contract; The occurrence of natural disasters such as war, epidemic disease, civil war, acts of terrorism, earthquake, fire, flood will be considered as force majeure.

8.2. When a force majeure event occurs, one of the parties must immediately notify the other party without delay. In the event of such a situation, the parties will evaluate together, determine and implement the measures to be taken together. The parties will not be held responsible for failing to fulfill their obligations fully or on time due to force majeure, if the force majeure situation continues for 30 (thirty) days without interruption, this contract will automatically become annulled. However, the rights and receivables of the Parties accrued before the termination shall be reserved.


9.1. Confidential Information may not be used or copied in any way other than to fulfill the purpose of this Agreement. In the event of the other party's Confidential Information being copied, ownership remains with the Disclosing Party and must have all confidential or proprietary notices or marks found in the original. With respect to the other party's Confidential Information, each party will (a) take all Reasonable Steps (defined below) to ensure that all Confidential Information remains strictly confidential, and (b) provide access to exercise its rights and/or fulfill its obligations under this document. will not disclose the other party's Confidential Information to persons other than those required or who have obligations substantially similar to those set forth in this document. As used herein, "Reasonable Steps" are steps taken by the receiving party to protect their own, proprietary and confidential information of a similar nature and that will not be less than a reasonable standard of care. Confidential Information of the Parties shared before this Agreement regarding the subject of this agreement shall be protected within the framework of the provisions of this Agreement. The CUSTOMER shall be subject to all kinds of technical, financial, legal and commercial information, trademark, patent, know-how, trade secret, legal protection, obtained during the performance of his obligations arising from this contract or transferred to him by LİMONHOST in writing, verbally, magnetically or in any other way. will act in accordance with the principles of confidentiality regarding all written and oral information, ideas, content and documents, whether written or not, will not use, distribute, or transfer this information to third parties in any way other than the purpose of the Agreement, and will ensure that the information is kept confidential and will take all necessary security measures to prevent the use of this information by unauthorized persons. All information and copies will be returned to LİMONHOST upon termination of the contract.

9.2. The restrictions set out above that apply to the use or disclosure of Confidential Information do not apply to Confidential Information where: (a) Receiving party independently developed without needing the disclosing party's Confidential Information, or to receive such Confidential Information. information obtained lawfully and without restriction from a third party entitled to it; (b) information made publicly available without the receiving party's breach of this Agreement; (c) information held by the receiving party without restriction at the time of disclosure; or (d) information that the disclosing party has provided in writing without restriction.

9.3Customer shall not disclose the terms and conditions of this Agreement or the prices contained therein to third parties. Neither party may use the other's name for advertising or similar activities without the written consent of the other. As an exception, the Customer agrees that LİMONHOST may use the Customer's name in customer lists or as part of LİMONHOST's marketing activities in cases where the parties will mutually agree.

9.4.The Customer agrees and declares that the information disclosed by LİMONHOST during the negotiations regarding the Feedback will be considered as LİMONHOST Confidential Information and will be protected against disclosure in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

9.5.In case of any personal data transfer between the Parties under this Agreement, the Parties shall Personal data are subject to (i) the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (“Law”), applicable legislation and general principles, the decisions of the Personal Data Protection Board, the regulations and guidelines of the Personal Data Protection Authority, and (ii) received from the relevant persons. by processing (acquiring, collecting, processing, editing, changing, storing, recording, transferring to third parties, transferring, deleting, destroying personal data) in accordance with the information given to the persons concerned, and (iii) the explicit consent of the persons concerned They accept and undertake that they are liable (including but not limited to anonymization). Parties cannot transfer personal data to the other Party without the express consent of the persons concerned or without the data processing conditions listed in the law. In the event that the conditions that do not require the explicit consent of the data subject specified in the Law regarding the personal data that each Party will transfer to the other Party, the cloud-based system and data storage areas whose servers are located abroad and the other Party regarding the transfer of personal data to the other Party are not met. It is responsible for obtaining the express consent of the relevant persons, including the domestic and foreign subsidiaries and affiliates of the Company.

9.6. In accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698, the Customer, as the "controller", bears full responsibility for all personal data and accepts this responsibility. To the extent that personal data is stored and/or processed within the scope of this Agreement, LİMONHOST will comply with the instructions of the Customer as a "Data processor" in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law. Customer instructions exceeding the scope of services provided by LİMONHOST will be subject to technical and institutional compliance of LİMONHOST and the cost of these shall be borne by the Customer. LİMONHOST and the Client will implement all necessary technical and organizational measures to meet the requirements of applicable data protection laws to protect personal data from misuse.

9.7. To the extent that the personal data of the Customer is processed, LİMONHOST will require its personnel assigned to process the Customer's data to comply with data protection and data confidentiality in accordance with applicable laws.

9.8.LİMONHOST is authorized to appoint subcontractors for the processing of personal data to the extent necessary to fulfill its contractual obligations under this Agreement. LİMONHOST will require its subcontractors to comply with all relevant data protection rules.


The parties accept and declare the addresses specified in this contract and in the order form as the notification address. Unless the address changes are notified to the other Party in writing, through a notary public or by registered mail within 10 (ten) days, any notification to the above addresses will be considered valid.


If any provision of this agreement is rendered invalid or unenforceable for any reason, such invalidity or unenforceability it will only bind that provision and will not affect the other provisions of this agreement or make it invalid or unenforceable.


The stamp duty arising from this contract shall be paid by the CUSTOMER. This contract, however, consists of 12 main articles and sub-titles, and has been read and understood by the parties and signed electronically or physically. In both cases, there is no doubt about the validity of the contract. LİMONHOST may add, remove or make changes on new items and/or sub-titles if deemed necessary. The CUSTOMER irrevocably declares and undertakes in advance that he has accepted these changes and that they will be valid as of the date they are published on the website of LİMONHOST.

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