Server] Our Management Service and Solutions

The purpose of the Server Management service provided by LimonHost is to prevent the occurrence of problems that will disrupt your system or cause poor performance. However, the problems that may arise are immediately intervened to restore the system to normal and necessary measures are taken to prevent the problem from occurring again. Ideal for.

With Server Management Service;

The server is monitored regularly and efficiently

System security and optimization is done

Problems that may occur on servers are immediately intervened

Keep the software on the server up-to-date

Your Server Management is serviced by LimonHost Engineers and is always supported 24x7.

Thanks to these processes and follow-ups that we will do for you, your system will not fall behind and its efficiency will increase more. You don't have to worry about your servers, infrastructure and security.

Server Systems and Applications we provide management support for:

Microsoft; MS Windows Server 2012 / 2016

Linux; Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian

Database; MySQL, MSSQL

Email; Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 / 2013, Postfix, Qmail

Application; Apache, MS IIS, Nginx

Virtualization Environments; MS Hyper-V, Vmware

Others; HaProxy, Linux Cache Systems

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