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Build Your Website With More Than 200 Themes

With the Limonhost Ready Web Site tool, you can easily set up your website through the ready-made designs we offer you. You can choose from over 200 ready-made designs and themes and bring your dream website to life.

Build and Publish Your Website Step By Step

It's very easy to set up a ready-made website with LimonHost Website Builder. With more than 200 themes specifically selected for you, you can publish a website that suits your needs in minutes. You don't need any code, software or other technical knowledge to set up your website. Getting and creating a website is much more convenient than you think. You can create your ready-made site now by purchasing the package you want from our ready-made web design packages at the most affordable prices. With the Web Site Builder, you can make changes to the pre-prepared themes and create a special website for yourself.

Select Design

Choose a ready-made website design suitable for your business by reviewing site design examples from more than 200 designs select.

Edit Information

Insert content and images into the design you have chosen, organize your website as you wish.

Publish Now

Publish your Website now

Create Your Website Instantly

You can publish your company's website in minutes without the need for technical knowledge and a designer. With the help of ready-made theme content, you can automatically set up your website. It is enough to make your choice according to the type of your website among the ready-made theme options and associate your domain name.

When you publish your professionally designed, mobile-friendly website, you can enable your brand to rank on Google and allow people to discover your business.

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Strong E-Commerce Infrastructure

With its strong e-commerce infrastructure, you can easily list and sell your products and increase your earnings easily. You can achieve success in your business by gaining competitive advantage with a 24/7 open online shop.

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Simple Web Interface for Management

With the simple interface offered by the Site Builder, you don't need any technical knowledge or designer. You can publish your business within minutes by choosing from the ready themes. It works flawlessly.

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Website Builder

Publish your site in 10 minutes with the Ready Web site designer tools. You can easily create your ready website now by viewing the website fees that suit you and choosing from the web design packages. In website prices, you pay for the package you choose with a fixed price policy, so you can create the best website at no extra cost. Build your own site with the cheapest web design prices with our ready-made site designs, quality and simple management panel!
Site Builder Starter
Best price for beginners
Renewal Prices

  • 500 MB Storage
  • 30 Ready Template
  • 1 Free Email
  • 500 GB Traffic Limit
  • 5 Page Limit
  • Free .me Domain
  • Free SSL
  • Mobile Compatibility
Site Builder Plus
Most economical price
for multiple websites
Renewal Prices

  • 25 GB Storage
  • 170 Ready Template
  • 50 Free Email
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Free .me Domain
  • Free SSL
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • E-commerce Module
Site Builder Pro
Professional solution for unlimited and high performance websites
Renewal Prices

  • 100 GB Storage
  • 170 Ready Template
  • 100 Free Email
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Free .me Domain
  • Free SSL
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • E-commerce Module

Ready Web Site Features

With LimonHost Web Site Builder, you benefit from many unique features when building a ready-made website. You can have a unique website with hundreds of themes that you can edit with the drag-and-drop modular system. You can add content from videos, pictures, YouTube and other multimedia resources to your website thanks to the gallery support. You can use e-mail.

The ready website also comes with Periodic Backup. You can restore your ready-made website whenever you need it.

You can create your site in 5 minutes with the ready-made website builder.

Hundreds of Themes

You can create a site that reflects your business with hundreds of customizable themes.

Backup Support

You can always keep your website up to date without data loss with our cloud-supported periodic backup system.

Drag and Drop

Because the system is modularly designed, you can design your site by dragging and dropping the object you want.

Gallery Support

You can easily add multimedia to your website using resources such as Video, Flash, Image, Youtube.

E-Mail Support

You can use your e-mails linked to your domain name with your website and easily manage your e-mail sending process.

SSD Disk Infrastructure

You will always have the best performance thanks to the high performance servers with SSD disks

What Can I Do With a Ready Web Site

Build your ready-made website with different themes for different professions and sectors!
  • E-commerce / Sales Sites
  • Enterprise Company Sites
  • Restaurant Promotion Sites
  • Car Rental Sites
  • Hotel Reservation Sites
  • Travel/Travel/Gourmet Food Sites
  • Product Promotion and Launch Sites
  • Housing Projects Promotion Sites
  • Real Estate Promotion Sites
  • Hair and Beauty Salon Sites
  • Personal Blog / Biography / Portfolio Sites
  • Wedding / Engagement Invitation Sites

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Limonhost Blog

We recommend that you take a look at our content that will guide you when setting up a ready-made website with LimonHost Web Site Builder. There is quite a variety of things you can do while preparing your site and afterwards.. Our constantly updated and renewed content will guide you in this regard. You can contact us directly for other issues you are wondering about.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ready Web Site

The most frequently asked questions and answers about the Ready Website.

What is a Ready Website?

It is a special tool where you can make a web page for yourself by changing the text and images on the theme after choosing the design that suits your needs among hundreds of themes. It allows you to publish your website without requiring any code or technical knowledge. In order to create your ready-made website more easily, “How to set up a ready-made website? Check out” our blog post and learn step by step how to create your own website.

Why should you have a website?

Creating a website is a good option for you or your company to have an online place. You can publish your contact information or current affairs on your website. Having a website to reach more people and communicate can make a huge difference.

How long does it take to set up a Ready Website?

With the LimonHost Web Site Builder application, you can launch your site immediately. Thanks to the ready-made themes in the Free Website application, it is enough to change the name, description, picture and address information in the theme content and select "Publish". Your site will be immediately accessible over the internet. To create your own Personal Blog , take a look at our blog post and learn how to create your personal blog easily.

Can I customize my website after publishing?

You can customize your website at any time after publishing it. Your site is available to continuous improvement. You can easily show your social media accounts on your website.

Would the designs you offer be sufficient to set up a website? ?

There are hundreds of themes you can use in the Ready Web Site application. These themes are grouped in terms of sectoral and functional. You can easily find a theme that will express you, suitable for the website you want to build. You can view web page prices, choose the appropriate theme for your business, and quickly create the best ready-made website.

How can I create a website with Website Builder?

There are many themes that will appeal to many different areas such as the service sector, the business world, and the health world. You can start with a theme that suits your needs.

Is the ready-made website compatible with SEO due to its structure? ?

Ready websites will provide you with basic SEO support. If the content you prepare is suitable for SEO, search engines will respond to it. You can take a look at our Ready-To-Use Site Builder article that we have prepared specifically for you on this subject.

Are Ready Web Sites Responsive?

The sites you create with LimonHost Web Site Builder will be responsive. The appearance of your site is automatically adjusted according to different screen sizes and mobile devices.

How can I create a website using this service?

You can create a website that will meet your needs through professionally prepared templates. Whether it's a blog site where you can publish your personal work or a site that will bring your business to the internet, Web Site Builder is ready for all your needs.

Which services are included in Web Site Architect packages?

An E-Mail Service where you can manage your domain name's E-Mails, an SSL certificate for your security, a free domain and mobile-friendly designs are included in the Web Site Builder. You can use your site immediately without any additional need.

How do I ensure the security of my website after the site is deployed?

Your SSL certificate will be activated immediately after you open your site. Thanks to SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), all data transferred from your web request will be transmitted encrypted between the visitor and the server. This means that all data is confidential. At the same time, thanks to periodic backup, you can restore your website when you need it.

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